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A truly ancient symbol, the Triskele represents many different things to different people; to some, it signifies the movement of the sun and the stars. To others, it represents Land, Sea, and Sky, or perhaps Maiden, Mother, and Crone. And to still others, it's a symbol for the Christian trinity of Father, Sun, and Holy Spirit. This version of the Triskele is created from bronze wire, antiqued and polished to bring out all the tiny details of the wire work. This pendant measures 3 cm long, and 2.5 cm across at the widest point. It comes ready to wear with an 18" vegan-friendly necklace cord; custom cord lengths are available on request. 


This piece is a collaboration between Wynter Creations artists Anna Moore Roberts and Morgan Roberts.

Simple Bronze Triskele Pendant

SKU: P-088
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